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Adult FAQ’s Junior FAQ’s -

Q. How do I choose a racquet?

A.Before you run to a sports mega store and buy any ole racquet, hear us out.
Racquets range in weight, head size, grip size, balance and overall quality. There are hundreds of racquets to choose from and choosing the RIGHT one, will make a difference on the court. If you don’t have a teaching pro, visit a tennis speciality store and tell them about your athletic ability and playing style (if applicable), and get your hand measured. Most stores will even let you take racquets home to demo.

Q. I need help determining what level is the best fit for me.


Beginner (1.0 to 2.0 NTRP) - Players have limited experience. Classes focus on stroke progression and footwork with drills, games and abbreviated point play. Basic singles and doubles formations are taught.

Advanced Beginner (2.5 NTRP)- Players work on sustainaining a rally at a slow to medium pace, net play, serve, and service return. Instructors work with students on basic singles and doubles strategy.

Intermediate (3.0 to 3.5 NTRP) – Players work on hitting medium and fast paced balls with more ease and consistency, specialty shots are taught, and advanced net play. More advanced singles and doubles strategies are taught.

Advanced (4.0 to 4.5 NTRP) – Live ball situational singles and doubles drills are the focus, allowing players to work on all aspects of the game each and every drill. Advanced Drills move at a fast pace – players should be at a 4.0 player or above and have a good understanding of singles and doubles strategy.

Q. What is Cardio Tennis?

Cardio Tennis focuses on the cardio and mobility aspects that all tennis players are looking for to better their game in a FUN way. It is taught in group activities to keep you moving and in your zone. Beginners to advanced players are welcome. Be prepared to get a total body workout, burn hundreds of calories, get in shape, improve your game, all ages & abilities, move to the rhythm of the music. View Mem. Park Schedule.

Q. What are the weather and make-up policies for HTC clinics?

A. Classes meet unless of steady rain or temperatures below 45 degrees. In the event a class is cancelled, there will be a make up class. We will always contact you by cell or email if the weather doesn’t permit class. Make-ups are NOT guaranteed, but If for whatever reason you have to miss a clinic, give us 24 hours notification and we’ll attempt to fit you into a different class of the session in progress.

Q. I’m new to the game, how do I progress quickly?

A. Our Beginner Camps are a great option. Experienced instructors will introduce you to strokes, footwork and basic strategy. In addition to group lessons, we recommend private lessons, hitting on backboards, rent ball machines, play with friends, watch YouTube videos and join leagues. Whatever you do, don’t get frustrated with your level of play. It takes time to develop all the necessary skills, strokes and strategy. Be dedicated to the process and play, play, play!

Q. How can I get on a USTA team?

A. If you prefer team leagues, the USTA offers competitive team leagues throughout Houston.For more information on USTA team leagues please contact Allison at htaleagues@houstontennis.org.

Q. What are the benefits of playing tennis?

A. More people are playing tennis than ever. The sport gets you moving and on average, a player burns 400-600 calories for every hour played. Besides the workout, tennis brings you new friends, intense or casual competition, and the opportunity to get outdoors

Q. How do I determine my playing level?

A. Visit the player rating page or contact us to schedule a thirty minute lesson to get a professionals assessment.

Q.Equipment advice for Juniors

A. Buying a quality junior racquet that is sized correctly will make your child’s experience on the court much more enjoyable and successful. Choose a junior racquet by talking with a pro or visiting a tennis speciality store. If you prefer to buy online, here’s a link which shows quality junior racquets and gives you guidelines on choosing the right size – Babolot Junior Racquets.

Q. What age should a child start taking lessons?

A. Depending on your child’s ability to concentrate and follow instructions, the recommended age to start tennis lessons is between 4 and 7 years old. We currently offer private lessons for juniors in most areas of Houston & group lessons in Katy.

Q. Are there leagues for children?

A. USTA Jr. Team Tennis brings kids together in teams to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles against other teams in the Houston area. Youths from ages 6-18 are eligible and the playing levels are beginner, intermediate and advanced. Play generally begins in February for the spring season, in May for the summer season and in August for the fall season. This program is great for all levels of children, but especially for those new to the game. Junior Team Tennis focuses on spirit, cooperation, unity, and individual growth. Kids learn that succeeding is really more about how they play than whether they win or lose.

Q. What about tennis tournaments for children?

A. Junior tournaments are held by the USTA throughout the year. These tournaments give your child tournament experience and ranking points. It’s is important to understand two basic points regarding the tournament process.

1. Every Junior Tournament has an appointed level– Zat, Championship, and Super Champ.

2. Beginning players are considered ZAT players and can only play in ZAT tournaments. Tournament wins will proceed your child to Champ followed by Super Champ.

Visit usta.com for more information on Junior tennis.

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